Rita Kurt ( Margarita Kurtova ) – contemporary artist and illustrator. The beauty and emotions of life, love and passion, the hidden corners of the soul – this is what Rita describes in her artwork. Basically, she depicts female figures: tender, passionate, mysterious and alive, all of them are connected by one thing -the desire to live and feel emotions.  Characters in her works are the states of a women, conveyed by metaphorical images and color accents placed competently.

For more than 10 years she has been creating graphics and illustrations, including for well-known brands and in fashion-illustration style.
Her works are in private collections in Russia, Germany and Spain


2023  (Match) Exhibition of Interior Art Moscow. Exposed gallery. 

2020  (August) Internatonal exhibition of Contemporary Vanguard Art St.Petersburg Union of artist exhibition gallery. 

2019 (October) Exhibition «Faith of Passion» St.Petersburg  So Sofitel

2019  (June) ArtWeek of St.Petersburg St.Petersburg Union of artist exhibition gallery.  (3d place winner vanguard art)

2019 Exhibition “Love is…” St.Petersburg Union of artist exhibition gallery.

2019 (March) International «Colors of Humanity» (Red Show)

2018 ( March ) Solo-exhibition “Selfie of Heart” St.Petersburg